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Isotexa2C Polyurethane

Two Part Polyurethane Based Waterproofing Membrane & Deck Coating

Isotexa 2C is a two-part, polyurethane waterproofing membrane that is applied as liquid, with high solid content waterproofing membrane for concrete surfaces.. After curing isoTEXA 2P will be formed to a tough and flexible waterproofing membrane with high elasticity, suitable for applications to horizontal and vertical surfaces.


  • Rubber like membrane capable of withstanding severe cases of expansion, contraction and deck movements.
  • Liquid applied/Easy to apply with roller or brush.
  • Highly resistant to oxidation, UV light and ozone because of unique additives used in compounding it. It does not crack.
  • Excellent resistance to Chemicals, Chlorides and Alkalis.
  • Provides perfect resistance to water penetration.
  • Protect the structure from positive /negative pressures.
  • Excellent in abrasion, weather and corrosion resistance.
  • Has the unique property of adapting itself over the irregular contours of the deck and forming a waterproof and impervious blanket


Ideal waterproofing system for concrete based built up roofs, maintenance of existing roofs, masonry and concrete walls, bathrooms, basements, bridges, decks, metal surfaces etc.

Properties (Conforms to ASTM C 836 )

 Properties  Data Value  Test Method
 Base  Liquid polyurethane  
 Tear Strength  20 N/m  ASTM D 624-98
 Tensile strength  ≥3.5 N/mm²  ASTM D 412
 Elongation   100%  ASTM D 412
 Solid content  90%  ASTM D 2369
 Adhesion on Concrete  2.1N/mm2  ASTM D 903
 Low Temp. Flexibility  -35 C  ASTM C 836
 Shore  A Hardness  60  ASTMD2240-05
 Crack  bridging  Passed 1/16’’ at 150 F(-90 C)  ASTM C 836
 Permeability  1.02 perms  
 Coverage  1 .4 Kg / 1 m²  at 1000 micron DFT  
 Minimum Thickness  1000 micron  
 Setting Time  One day  
 Color  Black/Grey  
 Duration between the coats  4hours  


Surface Preparation

Surface to be waterproofed shall be dry, clean, sound and free of all contaminants which may interfere with adhesion or proper curing .The substrates should not contain holes or cracks and should be dust-free. All shrinkage cracks shall be treated with suitable material. Moving structural cracks greater than 1/16” (1.6 mm) shall be routed out and caulked with approved ISOCRETE material. Detailing like horizontal-vertical junctures, projections, expansion joints and other areas of potential high movement may require reinforcement mate and sealants to detail. Consult with ISOFLEX on site support for further information. 


According to the construction consumption, the two components are mixed with a ratio as indicated and well stirred with a slow and stable speed mechanical mixer at least for 3 mins. The mixing container should be dry and clean.


This rapid setting liquid is spread at the desired thickness onto the prepared surface. The coating is applied from the container using standard roofing brushes, squeegees or airless spray equipment at the recommended coverage rates on properly cleaned and prepared dry substrates. Application of the isoTEXA system should be done in one complete step to create a smooth uniform self leveling surface without cold joints, lines or streaks. Apply the first coat at the rate of 500 micron thickness. Let it dry fully (approximately 4-6 hours should be waited between two layers), then apply the second coat (500micron thickness) .Waiting time shortens in hot weather and lengthens in cold weather.

Health/ Safety

Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

Skin:- Avoid repeated or prolonged contact, if contact occurs ,clean with hand cleaner that removes oil or grease , then clean with soap and water.

Eyes- Contact could cause irritation. If contact occurs, flush with clean water.

Inhalation -Can cause dizziness. Remove to fresh air and if breathing difficulty persists, administer oxygen.

Packaging 18kg ( Two pack )

Storage/Shelf Life Store in cool, dry area. Product is not flammable. Do not allow to freeze. Shelf life of 12 months