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Isomaxi Acrylic

Acrylic  Liquid Waterproofing for Metal Roof

isomaxi is a liquid applied, elastomeric waterproof membrane formulated Acrylic elastomeric resin white pigments. isomaxi  has long –life flexibility for extreme climatic conditions. Suitable for GI Metal roofing, Aluminum sandwich panel roofing, flat roofs, pitched roofs, Parapet Walls, Terraces, etc., and provides a seamless roofing membrane that stays watertight longer than conventional seamed roofs. 


  • Liquid applied/Easy to apply with roller or brush.
  • Reflects UV light and ozone because of unique additives used in compounding it.
  • Excellent resistance to Chemicals
  • Provides seamless coating for perfect resistance to water penetration.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Heat reflective and insulating properties.


Ideal waterproofing system for application on roofs worldwide with a variety of materials like corrugated metal roofs, PU foam roofs, tile roofs , wooden panel roofs ,concrete based built up roofs, maintenance of existing roofs, masonry and concrete walls, bathrooms, basements, bridges, decks, etc.

Properties (Conforms to ASTM C 836 )

 Properties  Data Value  Test Method
 Base Acrylic  resin  
Elongation  350%  ASTM D 412
Tensile Strength  2.Mpa  ASTM D 412
Permeability  2.5 perms  
Colors  White/Grey  
Minimum Thickness  1200 micron (600micron each)  
Coverage  1 to 1.4 Kg /m2  
Setting Time  4-6 hours between each coat  
Storage  12 months from MFD  


On preapproved qualified applications, when you use an approved applicator, a 5-year warranty is available .

INSTALLATION (Surface Preparation)

Make sure the surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry and free of any oil, grease or dirt. Patch and repair cracks, blisters and other problem areas using suitable materials recommended by Isoflex technical support. Before over coating to old substrates should be washed with high pressure jet water pump. Any existing coating must be checked for good   adhesion. The loose existing waterproof systems should be removed well.

Application Tools or equipments to be used for the application

1. Roller (Short nap roller) 2. Brush (Good quality synthetic bristle brush) 3. Spray (Airless Sprayer, 1gpm, 3,000 psi, .027 or .031 tip)

Reinforcing of seams and overlaps

Overlaps, corroded edges, penetrations of pipes or ducting should b reinforced by reinforcing mat or fabric or Maxi wrap (for suggestions contact isoflex Tech Team).

Coating Application

All roof-preparation materials must be allowed to dry prior to application of the coating. Immediately prior to application of the coating, all dust, dirt and other contaminants should be blown off the roof surfaces using compressed air. Cover the entire roof substrate as follows.
1. Apply the basecoat at a minimum thickness of 600 Micron
2. After allowing the basecoat to dry, apply the topcoat at a minimum rate of 2sq.m per 1.2 liter using a cross hatch technique. Apply the elastomeric coating by brush, roller or airless spray, using a multi pass spray technique to ensure even coating application to all sides of the substrate. Make a conscious effort to apply coating into crimped or pre-sealed vertical (side-lap) seams that have not been detailed. 
3. The coating minimum dry-film thickness required at any location is 1200 micron. This is generally considered the minimum coating thickness for a 15 years product warranty. For extended coverage periods, additional coats and heavier film builds will be required.

PACKING: 20 Liters Pail

STORAGE: Store pails in a clean covered area away from direct sunlight. Shelf life in closed container will be 12 months.