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Isocrete WBR

Isocrete WBR Water based mould and shutter release agent

Isocrete WBR is a slower drying type chemical release agent formulated to give easy release of formwork and quality surface finishes to concrete.It is suitable for use with many form liner systems, Steel forms and most other Form Materials. Due to its Non-Flammable and Non-Harmful label this product is the preferred release agent in enclosed environments such as pre-cast factories, tunnels and basements.


• Suitable for use on all types of formwork, it can also be used on sealed timber forms.

• A low viscosity liquid which is easily sprayed through fine sprays without clogging.

• Economic coverage rates can be obtained using spray equipment, with coverage costs averaging no more than £0.03m² on steel forms

• The high quality raw materials allow the product to be used at low temperatures, unlike low quality gas oil derived blends.

• Can be applied just prior to casting, or pre-treated forms may be left until dry.

• Once dry soffit shutters can be walked on safely. This takes 2-3 hours

• Provides a quick, positive release of formwork, reducing labour costs and damage to formwork and moulds.


Appearance: Clear light straw, low viscosity

Specific Gravity: 0.85 @ 20°C

Flash Point: 75°C Viscosity: >7.0c/st

Freezing Point: <0ºC

Storage Life: Indefinite in sealed drums.

COVERAGE 25 to 60m2 /litre dependent on type of form, porosity, texture


APPLICATION Isocrete WBRis ready for use and should not be diluted. It should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible for optimum performance onto clean and dry surfaces It can be applied to all types of formwork by spray, or absorbent applicator. Any excess should be mopped up. For the best and most economical performance, application by mist spray is recommended. 

SHEALTH & SAFETY Refer to separate material safety data sheet. Copies available on request. If spraying, care should be taken to minimise inhalation and contact with eyes and ensure adequate ventilation during application.

Conditions of Use and Disclaimer The information contained in this Material Data Sheet is given in good faith based upon our current knowledge and does not imply warranty, expressed or implied. The information is provided and the product is sold on the basis that the product is used for its intended purpose and is used in a proper workmanlike manner in accordance with the instructions of the Product Data Sheet in suitable and safe working conditions. Under no circumstances will the Company be liable for loss, consequential or otherwise, arising from the use of the product.