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Isocrete OBR

Isocrete OBRConcrete Mould release Oil

It is a water in oil release agent formulated for application onto timber or metal formwork. It is
ready to use and produces a uniform stain-free surface. Cementone Concrete Mould is economical to use because it is not
absorbed into timber or plywood. 

       • Allows easy removal of shuttering.
       • Does not stain concrete.
       • Economical and ready to use.
      • Release agent for metal or timber formwork.
      • Ideal for timber or metal formwork.
     Product Characteristics
       Colour White
       Form Thin, white, liquid.
       Odour ‘Oily’
       Specific Gravity 0.97 approximately.
       Composition Water in oil emulsion (“soap oil”).

  Shelf life/storage 12 months when stored in theoriginal unopened containers.Store in dry conditions between5°C and 25°C. Protect from frost.

Typical Performance Data (approx.)
Application Temperature 5°C - 25°C.
PH 10.5
Coverage 12-14m² per litre
Transportation: Not designated as hazardous.
Directions for use

1. Shake well before use.
1. Apply an even coat by brush, sponge or soft broom.
2. New or unsealed timber must receive several
applications before initial use.
1. Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with
Precautions in Use
Do not apply by spray. Do not use on plastic moulds.
Never apply in freezing conditions.