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 Jellified Bituminous Liquid Coating

isotex gel is a single component, elastomeric system of polymer-modified  bitumen based waterproofing membrane. Blend with synthetic polymers, mineral fillers and special additives with good thyrotrophic performance. When applied to most construction surfaces. . isotex gelcures to a tough monolithic, highly flexible seamless rubber-like membrane with good adhesion to almost any solid substrate.


  • Ease of Application
  • No offensive odors and no VOC emissions.
  • Elimination of the Major Cause of Membrane Failure
  • Independent Strength
  • Superior Performance
  • Elimination of Tracking
  • Extremely tough, having independent strength
  • Major Cost Savings



Protection of foundations, columns and beams.
Water proofing, vapor, air protection of structures ,retaining walls and facades 
For use as an adhesive on wood blocks, wood mosaics, polystyrene insulation boards etc.
Waterproofing for interior, exterior walls and wet areas.


Chemical base jellified bitumen
Toxicity Nil 
Color Brownish black
Volume Solids   (%) Min.50%
Rubber content 10% min 
Service temperature -5C° to 75 °C
Flash point Not flammable
Surface Dry (Hrs) 4 hours depends upon the climatic conditions.


Tensile strength  (ASTM D 412) 1N/mm²
Elongation (ASTM D 412) 300% 
Shore A hardness 13
Adhesion strength 1N/ mm²
Minimum thickness 1000 micron DFT
Water resistance (ASTM D 466) No re-emulsification
Heat Resistance No flow after 5hrs@100°C
Water vapor Permeability,
@1000 micron DFT (ASTM E 96 )
0.02 perms 
(1.70 Ng/Pa x s x m²)
Air permeability  (ASTM E 2178) 0.001 L/s m²
Coverage 1 m²/1.2litre@1000micron DFT


  • All surfaces must be sound, clean and free from dust, oil or grease and other loose materials. Surface may be dump but there should not be any standing water and can be applied to fresh freshly cast concrete too.
  • Apply in one or two coats with minimum total DFT of 1000micron. The succeeding coats should be applied at right angles to the preceding coats. For best results allow each coat to dry then apply next prior to the surface becoming contaminated. If subsequent coats are applied to 'non-cured' coats, inter-coat bubbling may result.

  • Tools: Application may be by brush, roller, or airless spray.Brush: Suitable for small areas and flashings. Use a synthetic bristle brush.Roller: Recommended when coating small areas. Use a smooth roller.Airless Spray: 4000 psi min. ½” hose min. 0.025 to 0.039 inch orifice reversible tip.


Shelf life one year in closed container.

Packaging 20Ltrs pail/200Ltrs Drum

Storage/Shelf Life Store in cool, dry area. Product is not flammable. Do not allow to freeze. Shelf life of12 months