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Isocrete WBSR


Isocrete WBSR Wax based shutter release agent

Isocrete WBSR is a combination of  waxes and  solvent. It is designed as a release agent for fairface formwork for long exposure, where the surface is not to be tiled, plastered or painted. Also suitable as a concrete curing compound.


            Solids Content       6.2%w/v

             Solvent                Aliphatic type Class

             Flash Point           35°C

             DG Classification  3

             Coverage 10 – 15m2 per litre ( depending on surface)


Use on wood or steel shutters where surface texture is complex and standard release agents would be unsuitable. Large, skip-tooth band-sawn forms, as used in motorway overpass columns, beams and retaining walls. Ideal protector for steel and machinery. Very good curing compound for surfaces that are not to be subsequently coated or treated – bridge beams, columns, etc.


Preferably by low pressure spray, but roller or brush can be used. Avoid over extension. Stir or agitate before use. Allow to dry before pouring concrete. On porous surfaces, a second coat may be required. Allow first coat to dry completely (overnight), then apply a second coat. Use only in a well ventilated area away from ignition sources. Refer to product label before use.

 Safety Precautions

Do not use on surfaces that are later to be painted, tiled, hardened, sealed or treated in any manner. Do not apply when the concrete temperature is less than 5°C. Do not add water, solvent or otherwise dilute the product. Keep from freezing. Isocrete WBSR is flammable. Wear protective gloves and clothing when applying. Do not breathe vapours and use only in a well ventilated area. Refer to safety data sheet for handling and first aid instructions. Read this data sheet in conjunction with product labels.

Clean Up

Use kerosene or white spirit for equipment. Once dry pre-soak with water miscible type solvent cleaner, or alternatively use a good quantity of high-quality liquid detergent added to white spirit.


20-litre pails, 200-litre drums. 

Storage/Shelf Life Store in cool, dry area. Product is not flammable. Do not allow to freeze. Shelf life of 12 months