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Metalubs x Protect

Metalubs X Protect

A metal surface finisher provided with polyceramic components, with excellent friction reducing and sealing effect. It is recommended to both new and worn engines, and must be added to oils of the required quality. It is applicable where forced lubrication is used, and friction reduction is required. In most vehicles 25% of energy generated by the fuel is lost due to friction. This friction loss is reduced by Metalubs X Protect by 60%. The engine oil forwards polyceramic microparticles to all points where friction may develop. Due to their micro sizes they get to the uneven metal friction surfaces of cylinders, pistons, bearings, rings, gears, etc., to where they get fixed and partly burnt in. In addition to the reduction of friction the integrated microparticles eliminate leakage problems. Thus the ratio of toxic gases drastically reduces in emission gases. In addition, oil consumption significantly reduces, and compression increases.

As a result of the chemical metal surface finish the product provides ideal terms for the oil film, and thereby significantly increases the lifetime of the equipment. Due to the particularly low friction coefficient of polyceramic added to the metal surface finish Metalubs X Protect offers safety lubrication. This facilitates the inner operation of the engine and the movement of parts, which entails the increase of the engine output and fuel saving. Triple lifetime is guaranteed when continuously used in new equipment. The polyceramic has a very great importance in modern lubrication engineering. The roughness of metal friction surfaces of engines and switchgears is very insignificant, often only 1 micron, thus larger microparticles do not adhere to the metal surface. The filtering elements of oil filters have, in general, filtering structures and filtering fineness of 15 to 25 micron (the fineness of superfine filters is 1 to 3 micron), thus they cannot filter 1 micron polyceramic microparticles of Metalubs X Protect. Thereby Metalubs X Protect may be used also in mainstream and partial-flow superfine filters. Today many vehicles are provided with partial-flow filtering units with a fineness of 1 to 3 microns, this is why microparticle fineness is required.

Entering into chemical reaction with metals Metalubs X Protect tempers their materials when pressurised. The resulting extraordinarily hard and very smooth surface resists damages caused by friction, and offers ideal terms to lubricating oils even under extreme loads. Due to the significantly reducing friction the operational temperature as well as the noise level immediately and noticeably decrease.

Since Metalubs X Protect integrates into metals rubbing against each other, and tempers their materials, it eliminates cold-start problems, and offers a protective effect for a certain period also in case of partial oil starvation or loss of full oil pressure. It can be mixed with all synthetic and mineral based lubricating oils and greases. Oil treated with Metalubs loses its lubricating quality later, and thereby oil change intervals increase, and the environmental load reduces.

No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Benefits of its use:

- The wear of engines and switchgears is reduced by up to 60%

- Soft operation of the engine

- Reduction of the engine noise

- Emission of less harmful materials

- Reduction of the operational costs

- Temperature regulation of the engine and gear oil

- Fuel saving

- Improvement of travel comfort

- Purification of the inside of the engine

- Longer lifetime

- Softer shifting processes

- High light run properties

- Insignificant oil loss

- Better engine output

- Very good emergency run properties

- Better starting properties

- Higher stability and travel flexibility

Field of application:

It is suitable for the treatment of both new and worn engines. Diesel, petrol, gas, Wankel and turbo engines, switchgears, differential gears, drive gears and industrial equipment in a number of fields (railways, navigation, power plants, sewing machines, etc.)


Replace 5 to 10% of the engine oil volume, and 10% of the gear oil with Metalubs X Protect. Pour Metalubs X Protect into the hot engine! Turn the box upside down, and shake well before use. Operate the engine for a short time, then drive on. Not a single treatment is used, replace it preferably in case of all oil changes in the same ratio. It is assumed that an oil of the required quality is applied.