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Metalubs X Diesel

Metalubs X D

It is a modern fuel additive in diesel-fired engines, and is excellent for the treatment of fuel oils. It has all properties that the most  modern fuel additives have, and due to its Metalubs content it tempers metal surfaces contacting the gas oil. Due to this effect precise fitting of metal surfaces moving against each other and surface treatment of the different passages of the fuel system may be achieved. Metalubs X D prevent a number of problems arising during the storage, delivery and combustion of fuels.


It is a commonly used practice to mix diesel fuels of different origin. This adversely affects their stability, accelerates fuel decomposition, mud and bacteria growth, and thus the combustion value of the fuels significantly reduces. Seized-in injection nozzles, infected pipes, filters and pumps waste the expensive fuel, reduce the efficiency, and increase the maintenance costs.


In addition, corrosion problems, rusting, acidification and water damages are also frequent in diesel equipment. Metalubs X D contains all high-value and universal components, which are necessary for the efficient handling of the above problems. Due to the chemical surface tempering effect of Metalubs X D a precise fitting of the sliding metal surfaces may be achieved, thus the lifetime also significantly increases. The efficiency of the particularly sensitive injection nozzle is considerably improved with the use of the pulverisation pattern and with accurate fuel feed. Thus the so-called “cold resinification” may be avoided. Water drops representing high risk of disturbance in the suspension emulsify, and thereby are efficiently removed from the unit. Metalubs X D is in practice ash-free (it does not contain inorganic matters of metals), compatible with the majority of hydrocarbon fuels, and cannot be extracted. The components of Metalubs X D meet the requirements of the Environment Protection Authority of the U.S.A /EPA [DUR] /365.


With the use of Metalubs X D, as a result of the higher resistance of the surfaces to friction and of the significantly improved combustion the outputs of the engines may considerably increase – with fuel saving. Die to its composition Metalubs X D purifies all fuel-supply pipes, and inhibits the deposit of contaminations. Its use allows a more environment friendly engine operation: destructive operation has a beneficial effect on the emission of harmful materials (less diesel exhaust), and the required energy is gained by the engine from less fuel. In addition, it improves cold-start properties, and prevents freezing of fuel-supply pipes. Metalubs X D reduces the maintenance of diesel engines treated with it. No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Benefits of its use:

- It improves combustion, increases the output
– results in fuel saving at a rate of 3 to 10%
– It improves the cost-efficiency, reduces maintenance
– Optimal gasification function is achieved, and the exhaust emissions reduce
– It improves cold start
– It lubricates the cylinder head
– It cleans all fuel-supply pipes
– It prevents carbon deposit
– It releases seized up valves
– It prevents false air dilution
– It reduces the generation of oil mud
– It prevents post run of engines
– It inhibits rusting and corrosion, increases the lifetimes of machines, and reduces the wear
– It inactivates acids
– It prevents freezing of the fuel-supply pipes
– It preserves the effect of emission control

Field of application:

It is suitable for the treatment of fuels of diesel turbines, oil burners, steam generators and diesel-fired explosion engines,
including state-of-the-art diesel engines with direct injection. It may be used also in biodiesel fuels, however, its combustion
improving effect is lower.


Add 20 Metalubs X D per 40 litre diesel oil no. 2 in the first 200 litre diesel oil directly before refuelling. Then this volume may be
reduced to 10 ml in case of regular use. In case of diesel oils no. 3 and no. 4 (various heavy fuel oils) this volume must be
doubled, or tripled if required. It may be used also in case of biodiesel fuels, however, the efficiency will be presumably lower.