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Metalubs XS

Metalubs X S Pumped Lubricant

It is a very universally used metal surface tempering inhibitor. It may be simultaneously used with oils and greases. It is not flammable.

Metalubs multipurpose lubricant tempers metal surfaces. Due to its purifying effect it removes all contaminants from the surface. Surface tempering is made partly without heat and pressure. Metalubs chemically combines with the metal molecules, and creates a very hard, very smooth and wear-resisting surface, which resists to damages resulting from friction even under extreme loads. Metalubs Spray removes moisture, salty contaminants and oxidation layers from the treated surface, and the newly created material surface is protected against rust and corrosion. It is not flammable, and therefore it offers essential safety on potentially hazardous areas.

It offers extraordinary hardness in case of different processing tools (lathes, drills, blades) making the processed surface more precise and smoother, and significantly increasing the lifetime of the processing tool. Its use does not represent any danger to rubber, plastic, textile or painted surfaces either.

No unbeneficial changes may occur on the treated tools in case of proper use.

Field of application:

Tools, locks, valves, guns, hoists, rusty screws, nuts and components, pneumatically operated tools, angling tools, air hammers, slide wires, bicycles, blocks, hinges, chain-saws, riveters, fastening units, screw cutters, cold-stamping dies, compound dies, carburettor linkages, motorcycles, augers, screw taps, metal drawing and pressing machines, sawing, drilling, etc…


Apply Metalubs on the surface to be treated with the use of the pumped distribution head (extended with a pipe if necessary). The effect of the product works after 1 or 2 minutes. It may be simultaneously used with oils or greases.


Metalubs multipurpose lubricant may be used only with good ventilation. Avoid inhaling the vapours for a long time.

Packaging units:

in 250 ml flasks with pumps