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metalubs X WF

Metalubs WF Grease

It is a waterproof, metal surface tempering and inhibiting grease with slip supporting material developed for super long applications. WF is a multipurpose calcium-based grease with extraordinarily good adhesion properties, which has been designed on the basis of synthetic and natural mineral oil base. It contains heavy-duty active agents for the case of lubrication under difficult circumstances. Roughness peaks are lubricated with the special solid matter. External appearance: light yellow, long-fibre lubricant. With the use of Metalubs X WF the lubrication periods may be multiply prolonged, the functional safety increases, and less maintenance is required. It has a particularly high resistance against wash-out from bearings and lubrication points under very extreme circumstances.

It keeps its excellent properties also against sea water, and provides permanent lubrication even in acidic and alkali mediums. It considerable reduced wear on surfaces rubbing against each other. It offers reliable corrosion protection, inhibits rusting at joints. Its adhesion properties are very strong, and may be easily pumped and transferred at the same time. Due to its high pressure absorbing ability it is rather stable against aging and shear. Temperature range of application: -25°C…+140°C.
No unbeneficial changes may occur in the machines in case of proper use.

Field of application:

It is a lubricating grease applicable in high pressures. It is suitable for the lubrication of vehicles, industrial, building and agricultural machines even if they must be used under difficult circumstances (under abrupt loads, in high humidity, at places exposed to the effect of salty water).

The product may be used at plain and roll-neck bearings of machines exposed to heavy duties, at hinges and hinges of ties rods, guiding parts of hoists, sliding and bedded rails, bending shafts, water pumps and bearing sites exposed to heavy use. It is particularly suitable for the lowmaintenance, long-lasting greasing of wheel bearings of building machines, power machines, vehicles, tractors, craves, fork-lift trucks.


It must be used similarly to regular lubricating greases. Please, observe the instructions of themanufacturers of the equipment!

Packaging units:

400g, 5 kg, 25kg